Thread subject: :: Eupeodes luniger or nielseni << Eupeodes sp. << ID please

Posted by BartNap on 04-03-2024 13:45

Garden, west Poland, 04.03.2024

Edited by BartNap on 17-05-2024 16:24

Posted by eklans on 04-03-2024 18:39

Hi Bart, I think it's an Eupeodes sp. - but I cannot see enough to be sure. The fly from your post yesterday could be the same species, but a female.

Posted by BartNap on 02-04-2024 14:10

Thank you Eric for your suggestions, cheers!

Posted by Karsten Thomsen on 11-04-2024 20:43

I'd say Eupeodes luniger or nielseni. Would be nice with a better view of T5.

Posted by BartNap on 17-05-2024 16:24

Thank you!