Thread subject: :: Meliscaeva auricollis (male)

Posted by Liliane D on 28-02-2024 19:43

February 28, 2024, in the south of France.
Body: 8 mm
On peach blossom.
Are the very long legs III specific to a genus?
Thank you for your help with identification.

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Posted by Liliane D on 28-02-2024 19:45

others views

Posted by Liliane D on 03-03-2024 12:00

At this time of year, at the end of February and beginning of March, I don't see many Syrphidae species. Does the date help with identification?

Posted by eklans on 05-03-2024 15:44

Hello, it's quite hard to see, but I think it could be a male Melangyna quadrimaculata. The early date would support this species.

Posted by Liliane D on 05-03-2024 16:43

Many thanks, Eric,
I hadn't come across this genus yet and I imagine that on my other subject it's a female of the same genus?
I see that the male Melangyna quadrimaculata has 4 spots on the abdomen. Here, there are indeed 4 main spots and the other 2 small spots towards the base are very discreet and should not be an obstacle to identification.

Posted by Fred Fly on 06-03-2024 07:27

But it is a darker (winter-) form of Meliscaeva auricollis!

Posted by Liliane D on 07-03-2024 09:24

Thanks Fred for the new orientation,
I've seen this species before, but the shape of the spots is so variable that I didn't make the connection!