Thread subject: :: Tachinid: perhaps Oswaldia spectabilis? --> No, it's Exorista cf. rustica, ♀

Posted by kuv on 04-02-2024 23:06

Northern Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Neu-Lankau near Mölln, right by the Elbe-Lübeck-Canel, at the edge of an uncultivated way, Outsidephotos kuv, 6th of August 2023. I think this fly could be O. spectabilis - but that is only an idea ... Please help to get the ID.

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Posted by kuv on 04-02-2024 23:06

2nd picture:

Posted by kuv on 04-02-2024 23:07

3rd picture:

Posted by Zeegers on 06-02-2024 17:47

Female Exorista cf. rustica. You missed the very long stalk to bend of vein M. Oswaldia spectabilis is very special in western Europe.


Posted by kuv on 06-02-2024 18:51

Thank you very much Theo :). (I haave to learn ...)
Greetings Kuv