Thread subject: :: Aquatic larvae of Psychoda genus?

Posted by EcAmRi on 19-01-2024 23:31

Aquatic larvae from Ecuador. Found in high and mid low land. The two siphons make me wonder if it´s a Psychoda.

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Posted by atylotus on 20-01-2024 18:55

Welcome to there is no photo attached. Please be aware of the size of the photo, no spaces in the name and preferable Jpeg. Two siphons are unlike Psychodidae. Perhaps Scatopsidae?

Posted by EcAmRi on 22-01-2024 23:06

My mistake on the photo´s name, first post. I edited my post with the photo now. T
Thank you for the information; indeed I checked in a key and it does look much more like a Scatopsidae with 2 siphons.