Thread subject: :: Heleomyzidae > Orbellia (myiopiformis?)

Posted by John Carr on 18-12-2023 20:33

The key in Die Fliegen (1949) says

1. Taster schwarz ... hiemalis Loew.
— Taster rotgelb ... 2
2. Abdomen und p rotgelb, 6 Schildchenborsten ... myiopiformis Rob.-Desv.
— Abdomen und p schwarzgrau, 4 Schildchenborsten ... cuniculorum Rob.-Desv.

So it keys to Orbellia myiopiformis. The description says "Schulterbeulen rotgelb", "humeri reddish yellow", which I don't see. I have observed in Dolichopus that humeri can appear yellowish under a microscope but black to a camera.

Edit: But nivicola is not in that key, so you need better literature. It was considered a synonym of O. myiopiformis.

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