Thread subject: :: Zabrachia

Posted by libor on 21-11-2023 17:33

Hi, I have two Zabrachia from Slovakia, but I have not an identification key still. Can anybody help me?

Posted by eklans on 21-11-2023 18:20

Hi Libor, do you know Paul's paper (Z. tenella & minutissima):
Het voorkomen van Zabrachia tenella in Nederland (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) P. L. TH. BEUK

Posted by Zeegers on 21-11-2023 18:26

Or check THE book, of course.

Males are difficult, females are doable generally on colour of antenna.


Posted by libor on 21-11-2023 19:07

Thanks to both of you. Hoping in the book as a Christmas gift ;)

Posted by Zeegers on 22-11-2023 08:13

I’ll inform Santa :)