Thread subject: :: Machimini (Tolmerus?) from Lesvos, Greece - id help

Posted by Xeroporcellio on 18-11-2023 15:32


I have some specimens (mostly females, but 1 male, too) of Machimini from the Greek island of Lesvos that I am trying to identify, all collected relatively late in season (from the ends of July up to the first weeks of October). Currently, based on the characters of the females, I tend towards Tolmerus for a generic identification, but can't move any further.

Below, I provide some photos of 2 females and the single male (I haven't extracted the genitalia yet). A striking character that I believe may be of taxonomic value is the fact that all or almost all the macrochaetae of this species are blond/white.

I don't expect much (especially knowing that Machimus/Tolmerus is a taxonomic mess, with outdated keys and in urgent need of revision), but I'd like to hear your opinions on matters of the genus and/or possible species.


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