Thread subject: :: Dicraeus vagans

Posted by Naaktemolrat on 31-10-2023 16:27

Hi all,

I use a method where I extract DNA from a specimen using a so-called soft lysis approach. The specimen is left intact post-extraction.

Could any of you indicate whether this specimen is -as indicated by DNA - indeed D. vagans and whether or not all features are still recognizable? This one is from Heelsum, the Netherlands.

Thanks so much!

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Posted by von Tschirnhaus on 11-11-2023 15:41

Dicraeus vagans (Meigen, 1830), Oscinellinae, Chloropidae, female. One of the most abundant Dicraeus spp. in Europe whereever Arrhenaterum elatius is flowering/fruiting. Frons, notopleuron and wing tip with important characteristics are not visible. Please always add collecting date and coordinates to your posts.

Posted by Naaktemolrat on 13-11-2023 13:49

Great thanks so much! Location is 51.9839, 5.7696, collected by hand on 2023-06-15