Thread subject: :: Long-legged fly with patterned wings. --> Chrysopilus nubecula female

Posted by ukursawe on 01-10-2023 19:51


a few days ago. I took a picture of a medium-sized long-legged fly on a leaf.
I don't really have an idea what family that could be. Is it possible to get a (partial?) determination from the picture?

Germany, Southern Bavaria, Garden in Munich (-West), 25.09.2023, app. 6-8 mm

Greetings, Uli

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Posted by Juergen Peters on 01-10-2023 20:07


Posted by ukursawe on 01-10-2023 20:35

Oh yes, thank you J├╝rgen. Now I have remembered that I in my second thread here I had an identification of Chrysopilus laetus:). That might be an option here as well.

Greetings, Uli

Posted by Fred Fly on 01-10-2023 20:35

Chrysopilus nubecula female

Posted by ukursawe on 02-10-2023 11:21

Thank you for the ID, Fred. Our posts must have overlapped :).

Greetings, Uli