Thread subject: :: Stratiomyidae to be identified

Posted by mbondini on 23-09-2023 12:13

I think this is a Stratiomyidae: it looks like Chloromyia formosa, but is about half as long. What do you think it could be?


Posted by mbondini on 23-09-2023 12:15


Posted by eklans on 23-09-2023 12:54

You didn't mention the location - I think it's a male Microchrysa polita.
See: Families of Flies with Three Pulvilli (Zeegers, Schulten)

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Posted by Zeegers on 23-09-2023 14:11

Can’t argue with that, given the support.


Posted by mbondini on 24-09-2023 14:40

Thank you very much, sorry for the forgetfulness...
The location is Agugliano (AN), Italy, 17/04/2021


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