Thread subject: :: Request: Paper on Trixoscelis

Posted by Fred Fly on 23-09-2023 11:50

I'm looking for a copy of the following paper on Trixoscelis to save the huge amount for ordering only four pages from a library.
Very best regards

CARLES-TOLRÁ, M. & VENTURA, D., 2001. A new species of Trixoscelis Rondani from the
Balearic Islands (Spain) (Insecta: Diptera: Trixoscelididae). Reichenbachia, 34:207-210.

Posted by John Carr on 23-09-2023 14:09

Is the redescription in this paper good enough?

Wóznica, Andrej Józef. 2015. The acalyptrate fly family Trixoscelididae (Diptera): newly recorded from Malta. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Malta 7:7-11.

Posted by Fred Fly on 23-09-2023 15:23

Yes, for the first I can now exclude Trixoscelis flagellata from my list. I overlooked this paper which I already had. Nevertheless it might be usefull to have the original desription sooner or later.
Thank you very much Chris!