Thread subject: :: Sarcophagidae: Metopia cf. rondaniana ♂

Posted by ESant on 22-09-2023 18:07


I photographed this fly in Bazzano (AQ), Italy, on May 9th 2023. I think it is a Miltogramminae, but is it possible to identify its genus or species from these photos?

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Posted by ESant on 22-09-2023 18:07

Photo 2:

Posted by ESant on 22-09-2023 18:08

Photo 3:

Posted by John Carr on 22-09-2023 21:38


Posted by ESant on 23-09-2023 00:41

Thank you! I assume the features that can be used to identify the species are not visible, right?

Posted by John Carr on 23-09-2023 01:10

If I recall correctly you have two or three species with silvery male frons and the hairs of the fore tarsi can distinguish one of them.

Posted by Zeegers on 23-09-2023 15:07

Amongst others, there are actually at least fivemspecies.
This one is quite likely M. rondaniana, I think.


Posted by ESant on 24-09-2023 14:35

Thank you both very much for the further info. Unfortunately the best view I have of the fore tarsi is the one in the second photo.