Thread subject: :: Cheilosia sp.? --> confirmed

Posted by ukursawe on 19-09-2023 13:51


a few days ago. I took a few pictures of a medium-sized hoverfly on a leaf. It seems a bit large for Cheilosia sp., but its my best guess anyway. Can that be confirmed/excluded from the attached images?

Germany, Southern Bavaria, Garden in Munich (-West), 06.09.2023, app. 8-10 mm

Greetings, Uli

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Posted by ukursawe on 19-09-2023 13:53

2nd image:

Posted by JWV on 20-09-2023 09:13

Hi Uli,

Definitely a member of the Cheilosia genus. With this much yellow on the legs and a fairly big size, my first guess would be Ch. flavipes, although I dont have any experience with this species. You could take a look and see if it matches.


Posted by ukursawe on 20-09-2023 09:21

Hi Jonne,

thank you very much for the confirmation. I agree that Ch. flavipes would be a good match, but I am not sure, if it can be distinguished from other species like Ch. fraterna, so Cheilosia sp. is good enough for me.

Greetings, Uli