Thread subject: :: What family?-->Tachinidae

Posted by guplox on 13-09-2023 10:16

Photographed very recently from Zhejiang China. Body length approx. 6mm. What family could it possibly belong in? Thanks!

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Posted by John Carr on 13-09-2023 13:20

I think Tachinidae.

Posted by guplox on 14-09-2023 00:45

John Carr wrote:
I think Tachinidae.

Great! Thanks a lot for the ID! |t

Posted by Zeegers on 16-09-2023 10:29

It is a very weird one, fore tarsus suggests Minthoini and a first search suggests Mongolomintho. Which is a crypticc species.
I need to confirm this, though.


Posted by guplox on 17-09-2023 00:13

Extra-terrific! Thank you Theo for pointing me to Minthonini and Mongolomintho! |t It was the first time I photographed this species of fly.

Posted by Zeegers on 17-09-2023 10:30

Sorry, it is not Mongolomintho. It might very well be an Oriental species, given the locality. I am not enough familiar with the Oriental fauna. Strongly thickened arista does not agree with Minthoini, it might be something else.


Posted by guplox on 17-09-2023 23:50

Thank you Theo for the re-examination of the minutest details of this not so good quality picture. Thank you! I'll get backward to the family Tachinidae for the time being.