Thread subject: :: Micropezidae?

Posted by Darwyn Sumner on 31-08-2023 16:19

Posted under that title by Gernot Kunz of Austria on iNaturalist
A puzzle for which your help would be appreciated

P.S. Gernot is having difficulty registering/ logging in to so he asked me to do it.

Posted by Roger Thomason on 31-08-2023 18:35

Looks like something from Sepsidae!


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Posted by MatsDipt on 01-09-2023 06:25

could be Genus Themira, supraalar absent, outer verticals also absent. Orbital seta present.


Posted by Gernot on 01-09-2023 10:20

I can now access to myself. Thanks Darwyn Sumner for posting this link here and thanks MatsDipt for the ID!