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Posted by MatsDipt on 12-08-2023 09:01

i'm very interested in cavernicole Diptera, in particular Sphaeroceridae, and startet to key them, but for some genera i miss Keys and can't figure out which one is the ''correct''.
Previously i used Pitkin, 1986, The taxonomy and ecology of british Sphaeroceridae, but i readed in this forum that this key is ''forbidden''
Now with Roháček J. (1983) A monograph and re-classification of the previous genus Limosina Macquart (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae) of Europe. Part II, it should be possible to determine
about 80% of the present species (the area are well known in cavernicole fauna, south-west Germany).

I'm looking for the following (genera) papers as PDF;
Crumomyia - Norrbom A. L. & Kim, K. Ch. 1985. - Systematics of Crumomyia Macquart and Alloborborus Duda (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae).
Leptocera (SG Leptocera) - Roháček J. 1982a. - Revision of the Subgenus Leptocera (s. str.) of Europe.
Opacifrons - no key/description known, only O. coxata expected
Puncticorpus - no key/description known, only P. cribratum expected
ROHÁČEK, J. (1998): Family Sphaeroceridae. – S. 463–496 in: PAPP , L. & DARVAS , B. (eds.): Contribution to a Manual of Palaearctic Diptera

I searched in the forum and found a post about a non-public Sphaeroceridae download channel, can i join this group or do i need higher reputation?

thanks in advance and best wishes


Posted by libor on 13-08-2023 07:29

Simply ask Jindřich Roháček from Silesian museum in Opava. Nobody has/know more!