Thread subject: :: unknown family of Nematocera

Posted by jtkuper on 08-08-2023 10:39

Hello all,
I could not identify this individual of Nematocera. It was caught in an emergence trap in moist Typha vegetation in The Netherlands.
Does anybody know what I'm looking at?

Thanks, Jan Kuper

Posted by weia on 08-08-2023 12:39

What's the length? Is it possible to make venation visible?

Posted by John Carr on 08-08-2023 12:46


Posted by weia on 09-08-2023 08:30

Isn't the costa too long for Scatopsidae? I have no better suggestion by the way.

Posted by Paul Beuk on 09-08-2023 15:05

Cecidomyiidae, Lestremiinae?

Posted by John Carr on 09-08-2023 17:10

Paul Beuk wrote:
Cecidomyiidae, Lestremiinae?

Yes, taking another look at the wing veins it could be somewhere close to Lestremia.

Posted by jtkuper on 14-08-2023 16:27

Thanks for your replies! I must ask my colleague to provide a better picture for the venation. That will be later. In the mean time I can tell that the venation does not look at all of what I've seen from Cecidomyiidae, there's no gap in the costa at the top of the wing, it has five tarsal segments (of which the first is not very small). Following the table of Oosterbroek, Scatopsidae would indeed be my best guess, but it doesn't look like one (?)

Posted by John Carr on 14-08-2023 17:25

jtkuper wrote: it has five tarsal segments (of which the first is not very small).

Subfamily Lestremiinae has five tarsomeres, first longer than second.