Thread subject: :: Myathropa florea male - Yes

Posted by nowaytofly on 03-08-2023 21:45

Hi, today I got this fly
... on a daucus carota, near a small river in Lower Saxony, near City of Celle. The Syrphidae is about 12mm (??) in length.
Today means 2023, August 3rd.
Many thanks. Norbert

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Posted by nowaytofly on 03-08-2023 21:48

2nd pic

Posted by dipdip on 14-08-2023 16:23

I wunder, why no expert is answering you. May be, that it is to easy for them.
van Veen in "Hoverflies of Nothwest Europe writes about Myathropa: ... readily recognizable ...

i am pretty sure it can't be anything else.


Posted by Karsten Thomsen on 15-08-2023 21:43

Definitely Myathropa florea.

Posted by nowaytofly on 15-08-2023 23:22

Hi dipdip,
thanks for your nice comment.
Hi Karsten Thomsen,
many thanks for your support and approval