Thread subject: :: dipteran 3mm, family ID?->Tachinidae(Phasiina/Dexiinaee)

Posted by guplox on 27-06-2023 09:01

Observed very recently from Zhejiang China. A small (3mm in body length) dipteran with orange-colored abdomen. Family ID possible? Thanks.

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Posted by John Carr on 27-06-2023 13:18

Probably subfamily Phasiinae or Dexiinae in family Tachinidae.

Posted by guplox on 27-06-2023 14:53

Didn't expect it to be a tachinid! Thank you John for the ID! |t

Posted by guplox on 28-06-2023 02:30

Did a check. The body coloration and wing venation look somewhat similar to Phasia aurulans (http://syrphidae1...rulans.jpg). Phasiinae perhaps.

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Posted by Zeegers on 28-06-2023 11:24

First impression is Rondania.


Posted by guplox on 29-06-2023 03:14

Rondania seems to be a good possibility. Thanks Theo. |t

Posted by John Carr on 25-01-2024 19:11

If this is a Rondania it is a new record for China. The only species of Rondania so far recorded from China is R. cucullata which looks different.