Thread subject: :: Gymnosoma spec. Sardenga

Posted by Bert de Ruiter on 10-06-2023 17:24


On may 29th 2023, I spotted this Gymnosoma spec. A few miles south of Tresnuraghes, Sardenga.
Through Forum Entomologi Italiani I found out that there are only 3 different Gymnosoma specs
reported on Sardegna, being Gymnosoma clavatum, G. rotundatum & G. rungsi.

I'm trying to figure out which one I have seen, but they look all alike to me.

Somebody around with more knowledge on Gymnosoma spec.?

Posted by Bert de Ruiter on 10-06-2023 17:46

Second picture.

Posted by Zeegers on 10-06-2023 21:50

Might very well be rungsi.


Posted by Bert de Ruiter on 14-06-2023 10:09

Goodmorning Theo,

Thanks for your response. I will compare the specimen on my picture with the details of G. rungsi.