Thread subject: :: Cecidomyiidae id help

Posted by John Carr on 26-05-2023 13:47

I do not have a key to European genera. The key to Nearctic genera of Cecidomyiidi (https://www.mapre...a.4392.3.1) depends on characters that are difficult to see in photos. For example, after determining this is Cecidomyiidi but not Asphondyliini I reach

85. Head with occipital protuberance, bearing two prominent, anteriorly-directed setae (setae often lost in preparations but sockets remainprominent) ... 85
85. Head lacking occipital protuberance (figs 21–23) ... 147

You seem to have a female based on the form of the antennae. Many genera require males for confident identification.