Thread subject: :: Query, Rhamphomyia albipennis genitalia

Posted by philporter on 14-05-2023 21:04

I have a specimen of Rhamphomyia which I now believe is R. albipennis, from Lincolnshire UK swept from tall umbellifers on a rubble-heap in April. Previously I had wondered about R. murina after seeing, in Collin’s Empididae monograph, the sketch of the comb of setae on the upper lamella of the genitalia. The setae indicated in my close-up picture are somewhat similar but I think they are too long and too numerous and maybe in the wrong place!
I would love to see a picture of a preparation showing Collin’s comb of setae on murina if anyone has one to post in reply, and also, if it is possible just from my pictures, a confirmation of albipennis,.
Phil Porter