Thread subject: :: Culicidae: Anopheles sp. (rather claviger than plumbeus)

Posted by Thoma2008 on 08-05-2023 22:33


(Body-)Length about 6,3 mm

Found at the edge of mixed beech forrest. 6th May 2023
Konstanz Germany Lake Constance area Position 47.692528 N, 9.177509E
480 m above sea level.

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Posted by Thoma2008 on 08-05-2023 22:37

photo 2

Posted by Thoma2008 on 08-05-2023 22:37

Photo 3

Posted by eklans on 09-05-2023 11:35

Hello Thomas, Anopheles is correct (rather claviger than plumbeus), but I'm afraid we cannot go to species level without a dorsal view.

Posted by Thoma2008 on 09-05-2023 19:27

Dear Eric,

thank you!

Unfortunately, she flew away before I was able to take another photo.

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Posted by brundlefly on 03-10-2023 10:41

Without seeing the wings and wether they have spots or not I think it is hard to rule out maculipennis s.l.