Thread subject: :: Scaeva selenitica, female

Posted by gerold on 19-03-2023 15:31

Germany, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, district Karlsruhe, Karlsbad-Spielberg, in a garden, 340 m, ca. 10 - 12 mm long; 19.03.2023, photo: Gerold Franke,
Eupeodes lapponicus, female? Many Thanks for the help

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Posted by dipdip on 19-03-2023 19:20

Why not Scaeva selenitica? Do you have more pictures, a frontal view perhaps?

Posted by gerold on 20-03-2023 09:03

Thanks for the hint. Unfortunately I was only able to take one photo. On closer comparison, I can say that Scaeva selenitica is very likely correct.

Posted by Karsten Thomsen on 23-03-2023 16:58

With the swollen, hairy frons, I would definitely say Scaeva selenitica.

Posted by gerold on 24-03-2023 08:17

Many thanks for the help