Thread subject: :: Ephydridae Kenya->cf. Cestrotus (Lauxaniidae)

Posted by nielsyese on 18-03-2023 11:34

I saw this fly in a collection and was interested what it could be, so I took some pictures. It is from Kenya and I am not familiar with Afrotropical Diptera, but I think it is an Ephydridae. Any ideas?

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Posted by nielsyese on 18-03-2023 11:39

Lateral picture

Posted by nielsyese on 18-03-2023 11:40


Posted by Tony Irwin on 18-03-2023 12:22

There appear to be no costal breaks, which would exclude Ephydridae. The very deep genae remind me of Cestrotus, so I suggest that genus or another lauxaniid.

Posted by Nikita Vikhrev on 18-03-2023 20:19

Cestrotus is very common in Africa

Posted by nielsyese on 19-03-2023 20:13

Thank you both! I like the wing pattern.