Thread subject: :: Contact info for several dipterists

Posted by Gordon on 24-01-2008 10:41

Dear All,
Given that Tony was uncertain he could do my Greek Ephydridae, I went to to look for other experts, not all the diperists registered have email addresses so i am asking if anybody can supply emails for the following

Leone Rampini Italy
Irina Zavelisco Moldavia
Volker Hollmann-Schirrmacher Germany


Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 24-01-2008 11:06

Leone Rampini
c/o Laboratory of Entomology,
Municipal Museum of Natural
History, Fontego dei Turchi, S.Croce
1730, 30135 Venezia, Italy
FAX +39-041-5242592
Dolichopodidae, Ephydridae
Taxonomy, faunal treatment
(also curator of Canzoneri`s
collection of Ephydridae)


Posted by Paul Beuk on 24-01-2008 12:19

I think Gordon was asking for email addresses... You seem to have lost at least some of your touch, Jorge. :P

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 24-01-2008 12:26

I know... that he asked for email. At least, I gave the snail address.. it is better than nothing, isn't it? :P

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Posted by Paul Beuk on 24-01-2008 12:27

I think he mentioned (implicitely) that he already had that. :P

Posted by jorgemotalmeida on 24-01-2008 12:29

I NEED to drink more coffee... :@

Posted by Gordon on 27-01-2008 09:06

Well that was pretty enlightening, I may try entomo-l in the future but for now I will send the Ephydridae to Tony in the hope that he wasn't insulted by my looking elsewhere.

However I now have two more names to try and contact, emails please Jorge;

1) Leo Rivosecchi, a Calyptarate man from Rome Italy.
2)Klaus Dengler a Psilid specialist from Germany

My thanks to anyone who can help