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Posted by amaira on 17-02-2023 11:09

I have two questions regarding Linnaemya in Sweden.

1. Which Linnaemya females lack red on the abdomen, always or sometimes?
We have 7 species: L. comta, haemorrhoidalis, perinealis, picta, rossica, tesselans and vulpina.

2. Do all Linnaemya species always have a yellow frontal stripe? (in Sweden)

Posted by Zeegers on 17-02-2023 11:21

My questio would be: which Linnaemyia have red femora ?

And the answer is: vulpina.

Yes, the abdomen is very dark, but not completely.
So it might be an unusually dark L. vulpina.
Hairs on pleura are yellow, which supports this. And definitely excludes many other….


Posted by amaira on 17-02-2023 11:40

Sorry, I was unclear.
I know this one is vulpine, it's simple. The picture was included just to have a picture.

My questions are about the others, which I haven't seen and don't have pictures of, but am still curious about.

Posted by eklans on 17-02-2023 12:40

You may find this pdf very useful:

I think all your species are covered here.

It's the English translation of:

Die Raupenfliegen (Diptera: Tachinidae)
Mitteleuropas: Bestimmungstabellen und Angaben
zur Verbreitung und Ökologie der einzelnen Arten
Von Hans-Peter Tschorsnig und Benno Herting, Stuttgart

Posted by amaira on 17-02-2023 12:49

Thanks for your reply Eric. Yes, all the species are there, but not the answers to my questions.

Posted by eklans on 17-02-2023 13:15

Hello Amaira, the answers are there (slightly hidden):
"4. Cheeks bare, at their mid-point 0.5 - 1.1x as wide as the 3rd antennal segment. Femora yellow. Males without oe...vulpina fall."
It's the only one with red femora.

The frontal stripe (or vitta) is not mentioned, that means it is not a relevant character. Sometimes it is red with freshly hatched (teneral) flies.

Posted by Zeegers on 17-02-2023 15:10

Check the gallery, of course !


Posted by amaira on 17-02-2023 15:35

"Sometimes it is red with freshly hatched (teneral) flies." Yes. I have seen it. But in some species the yellow color seems to remain? Or am I wrong?
For example, vulpina that I can see for a long time in my garden. I have never seen a vulpina with a black frontal stripe. And also the pictures in the gallery show yellow frontal stripe.

With vulpina I have no problems. Nor the bone color.

I wonder about the color of the abdomen. Just for knowledge.
In which species of Linnaea can the abdomen completely lack red in the females? Not vulpina from what I've seen. But among the others?

The gallery does not provide an answer.