Thread subject: :: Paramacronychiinae (?) from Lesvos island, Greece-Help with id

Posted by Xeroporcellio on 05-02-2023 14:37


In 10/09/2022, a male Sarcophagidae was photographed and collected by my colleague Savvas Zafeiriou in the island of Lesvos, Greece (photo of the living habitus below and link to the original upload here https://www.inatu...caf56b60f0). After using Povolny & Verves 1997 https://www.zobod...1-0260.pdf, I managed to restrict it to Paramacronychiinae (hind coxae bare and posterior spiracle operculate with one lappet) but can't go much further. If indeed Paramacronychiinae, I can exclude Nyctia (based on color) and Eurychaeta (bare propleuron) but I am not sure for the other characters (especially parafacial chaetotaxy). As such, any help is much appreciated!


P.s. Photos of various characters are given below and more can be taken if needed.

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