Thread subject: :: Dark fly, black/blue -> Calliphoridae, Calliphora sp.

Posted by Karola on 31-01-2023 12:04


the size was about 5 mm.

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Germany, North-Rhine Westphalia, Mülheim, April 22nd, 2021

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Posted by eklans on 31-01-2023 12:35

Hi Karola, it's one of the Calliphoridae - difficult to say more...

Posted by Karola on 31-01-2023 13:00

Thank you, Eric. Indeed my expectation was not particularly high...


Posted by John Carr on 31-01-2023 15:55

The calpyters are dark with pale rims, typical of Calliphora.

Posted by Karola on 31-01-2023 16:09

Thank you, John, for the additional information.