Thread subject: :: Questions "Radio-cubital node" Helina?

Posted by smol on 28-01-2023 14:06

I have been trying to identify Helinas from photos (not caught) for a long time. Though difficult, the only characteristic I am not sure about any more is the "Radio cubital node". The keys from "Mikes Insect Keys" requires looking for "small setulae on the underside"; A Couple of questions about this:

1. I really could not find the exact location of the "Radio cubital node". Would someone help me in the right direction? (for example, on
2. How small are they? Obviously, without catching the specimen, most of the time I cannot make pictures from under the wing. Would pictures from the side/top also show the setulae? (Related to the first point, but I always thought it was this big setulae on

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction :)