Thread subject: :: A fungus or a fly larva?

Posted by Jurek Radwanski on 25-01-2023 19:17

10.07.2022 mid-forest, wet basin overgrown with shrubby willows; on a dead willow shoot, under the bark, POLAND

Fot. Jacek Nowicki

Reminds me a bit of a Syrphidae larva. But it could be something completely different, like a fungus.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Posted by eklans on 30-01-2023 10:56

Hello Jurek, it's very interesting - unfortunately it can be anything, probably a fungus. A photo from an earlier or later date (few days) could help.

Posted by Jurek Radwanski on 30-01-2023 21:34

Thank you very much for your answer,