Thread subject: :: Phasia obesa? => Eulabidogaster setifacies ♂

Posted by Bembix on 16-01-2023 18:13

Good evening,

here are two pictures from May 2022. I think as they are Phasia obesa, but am not quite sure. Body length 4 - 5 mm, habitat sandy dry grassland in southwest Germany.

Thanks for the help.

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Posted by Bembix on 16-01-2023 18:14

2nd picture

Posted by eklans on 17-01-2023 09:52

Hi Bembix, I've never seen one before but leads me to male Eulabidogaster setifacies.
It resembles a Phasia obesa and belongs to the Phasiinae, but Phasia has a long petiole on r4+5.

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Posted by Bembix on 17-01-2023 11:11

Hello Eric,

thanks for your effort and the link. Yes, you seem to be right. It looks very good.