Thread subject: :: Nemestrinidae - Neuquen Argentina

Posted by Diego Rosa on 15-01-2023 14:23

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great time. I have this fly that was seeking nectar over Hyalis argentea, in Neuquén, Argentina. It was identify in a forum as family Nemestrinidae. I 'd like to reach the genus ID.

Diego Rosa

Posted by John Carr on 15-01-2023 16:47

I think your fly will be in the following paper. I do not have a copy.

Bernardi, N. 1977. A tribo Hyrmophlaebini (Diptera, Nemestridae, Hirmoneurinae), com treze espécies novas da América do Sul. Papéis Avulsos de Zoologia 30(16): 239–259.

Posted by Diego Rosa on 15-01-2023 19:35

Thank you very much, John! I'll review the paper

Posted by Tony Irwin on 15-01-2023 22:22

I would suggest Trichophthalma. see https://www.resea..._Argentina

Posted by Diego Rosa on 20-01-2023 19:26

Excellent, Tony!. Thank you very much.