Thread subject: :: unknown chloropidae

Posted by von Tschirnhaus on 05-01-2023 11:48

Chloropidae, Oscinellinae: Elachiptera brevipennis (Meigen, 1830). A detailed article on this peculiar species with its interesting historic taxonomy since Napoleon's war in Spain and with two photographs: Nartshuk, E.P. & von Tschirnhaus, M. (2012): New generic synomyms in Chloropidae (Diptera, Acalyptratae). - Zootaxa 3267: 44-54. A very similar undescribed brachypterous species is living (as a Tertiary relict?) on Mt. Kilimanjaro, see: von Tschirnhaus, M. (2017): The taxonomy of species globally described in or formerly included in the genus Elachiptera and new combinations with Lasiochaeta and Gampsocera (Diptera: Chloropidae). - Zoosystematica rossica 26(2): 337-368.