Thread subject: :: Meliscaeva species

Posted by John East on 01-01-2023 09:57

This insect was photoed in Cyprus in June, Meliscaeva auricollis is regular in the area but this appears to be closer to Meliscaeva cinctella.

Could anyone pass an opinion on the identification?


Posted by Juergen Peters on 01-01-2023 17:32


I am no expert and don't know the Cyprus fauna, but if photograped in Central Europe, I think this would be Eupeodes corollae.

Posted by John East on 02-01-2023 09:16

Thank you for your comments Juergen, pointing me towards the family Eupeodes is a huge help, however having checked I think mine appears closer to E. latifasciatus. I would be interested to see what you think of this.
On the rather rudimentary list that I have of Cyprus Syrphids it seems that we have E. corollae, latifasciatus and nuba.

Thank you and Regards,

Posted by Juergen Peters on 02-01-2023 19:49

Hello John,

I have compared my photos of Euopeodes latifasciatus and corollae. Very difficult... You better wait for an expert.