Thread subject: :: Diptera indet.

Posted by Lavendel on 07-12-2022 08:00

Any Ideas on this Diptera?
Found in the Western part of the Netherlands in august.

Posted by Lavendel on 07-12-2022 08:01

an other view

Posted by eklans on 07-12-2022 09:26

Hi Sandra, from what I see I guess it could be a female Melanomya nana:
Black + black hairs
Vein M1 with shallow, gentle bend
Wings slightly darkened anterior
Scutellum with 2 pairs of marginal bristles?
(from "Blow Flies" by Olga Sivell)

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Posted by Lavendel on 11-12-2022 09:24

Hi Eric,
Many thanks, also for the explanation!
Kind regards,

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