Thread subject: :: Muscidae - lost specimen

Posted by Sam Thomas on 19-11-2022 13:32


Does anyone recgonsie this? I didn't recognise it so took a photo but it then pinged off my desk and despite considerable searching I've not been able to relocate it. It was taken from dunes on the Norfolk coast in eastern England in July.

Thanks for any help,

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Posted by Roger Thomason on 19-11-2022 13:55

A rough guess would be a female Pegomya sp. Anthomyiidae, [best left on the floor] ;)

Posted by Sam Thomas on 19-11-2022 14:12

Did think antho but a quick check before I lost it seemed to show a short anal vein and no hairs under the scutellum, could be wrong though

Posted by Tony Irwin on 19-11-2022 21:04

It would be good to see a dorsal view, but have you considered Pseudocoenosia abnormis?

Posted by Sam Thomas on 20-11-2022 18:39

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the suggestion. I've found another in my sample and Matt Harrow has a few more from the same collecting event.

It seems to be Coenosia minutalis but about half of the specimens have a week extra lower front bristle on the katepisternum on both sides while the rest have the normal Coenosiinae three bristles.

Posted by Tony Irwin on 20-11-2022 20:58

That's interesting. I wonder how many more Coenosia can have the extra katepisternal? At least the male genitalia are helpful!