Thread subject: :: Chamaepsila limbatella (was Piophilidae or Psilidae?)

Posted by kurt on 01-09-2022 15:43

Body 3 mm. Have many more pictures from other days.
Photo from 22 August 2022 Kramfors 62 N, E 17 Ă…ngermanland, Sweden.

Thanks for your help in advance

Kurt Holmqvist

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Posted by kurt on 01-09-2022 15:44


Posted by Tony Irwin on 01-09-2022 17:01

A lateral view would be useful, but I think Chamaepsila

Posted by kurt on 02-09-2022 18:40

Thanks for your answer Tony

Head shape of this Chamaepsila seems different from fly in this thread.

Posted by Jocelyn Claude on 23-09-2022 09:32

Your specimen appears to be Chamaepsila limbatella (Zetterstedt, 1847)
I can't see if it's a male, didn't you keep it?

Posted by kurt on 25-09-2022 15:09

Thanks to Tony and Joselyn
Kurt Holmqvist

Posted by Jocelyn Claude on 27-09-2022 12:40

This species is not known from Sweden (, it must be published ;)