Thread subject: :: Homoneura sp.?-->cf. Meiosimyza sp.

Posted by guplox on 26-08-2022 09:40

Found recently in east China (Zhejiang province). Body length around 4mm. Is Homoneura sp. a promising candidate? Many thanks in advance!

Edited by guplox on 27-08-2022 07:40

Posted by Jan Maca on 26-08-2022 18:45

Probably not Homoneura, the 3rd costal section does not appear to be whole covered with stiff setae. Meiosimyza?

Posted by guplox on 27-08-2022 07:40

Great! Thank you very much, Jan, for the ruling out of Homoneura and enlightening me with Meiosimyza! |t