Thread subject: :: Would this be a Sciomyzidae?

Posted by lynkos on 17-12-2005 18:46

Photographed yesterday, about 7 mm long, could it be a Sciomyzidae?

Thanks, Sarah

Posted by Paul Beuk on 17-12-2005 19:53

I think it is Suillia of the Heleomyzidae.

Posted by lynkos on 17-12-2005 20:47

Thanks Paul. At this moment, my eye slips to the left and I see "my" fly in the latest photo additions column and of course, it is a Suillia, how embarassing!!! Sarah

Posted by Jan Willem on 17-12-2005 23:01

Well not embarrasing at all. It most certainly is a different species and the family Sciomyzidae has a lot of very different looking members. So I don't think suspecting your fly to be a sciomyzid is an embarresment.

Jan Willem