Thread subject: :: Would these be Culicidae?

Posted by lynkos on 16-12-2005 19:00

Photographed today in very bad light conditions. The male's bushy antenna makes me think of a Culicidae, but I am very probably way off course! About 3 mm long.

Thanks, Sarah

Posted by lynkos on 16-12-2005 19:29

Or perhaps more Chironomidae? Sarah

Posted by Paul Beuk on 16-12-2005 23:34

The female does not have the proboscis for sucking blood that you would expect in Culicidae. I think that Chironomidae is an excellent identification. Maybe one of the terrestrial ones? Something like Smittia?

Posted by lynkos on 17-12-2005 08:13

Thanks for the confirmation Paul. The habitat was an area of wasteland in the middle of the town if that helps! Sarah

Posted by Paul Beuk on 17-12-2005 16:28

LoL, no it does not. There are just far too many species for a non-chironomid dipterist like me.

Posted by lynkos on 17-12-2005 19:44

Two would be too many for me :(. Thanks Paul, the family is just fine for me, Sarah

Posted by Robert Nash on 19-12-2005 11:02

Could be Chironomus anthracinus (described by) Zetterstedt in 1860. I can't remember:( the size though and there are many other black species.. Take a look at the pictures at
I'll ask our resident chironomid expert to take a look. Robert

Posted by Paul Beuk on 19-12-2005 13:55

Nice effort and good find of a nice pic, Robert, but Chironomus species, I think, are always larger that the stated 3 mm. Despite my limted knowledge, I hope that I would have been able to recognise at least the subfamily Chironominae, and I would not place this one there.