Thread subject: :: Ornithomya rupes Hutson, 1981 (Hippoboscidae)

Posted by Alexandru Pintilioaie on 07-08-2022 06:56

Dear Theo, thank you very much for your comments on this one. The study of flies is not really my cup of tea but I like them and I'm trying to learn some of them. I keyed this fly using the paper of Josef Orbona et al., 2022. In O. fringilina the C sector between R1 and R2+3 is not longer than between R2+3 and R4+5 (in my specimen is longer). In O. avicularia the scutellum has 8 setae and in my specimen there are only 4 setae (2 long and 2 shorter). Are there any remains of the broken off setae, for what should I look.
Please don't get me wrong, I am not trying to say that I am right with my identification (most probabbly I am not), I am just trying to understand where I did wrong on the key from Obona et al. 2022.