Thread subject: :: Ornithomya rupes Hutson, 1981 (Hippoboscidae)

Posted by Zeegers on 06-08-2022 19:57

I am sorry to ruin the party, but this is clearly not rupes. Not only the host does not fit, but also
* ocelli present and distinct, strong
* no additional bristles on scutellum before apical row. Rupes has many
* wing venation different.
* much larger bare parts on wing

The wing venation strongly suggests this to be avicularia, which is consistent with the host. Also the bare areas in wing support avicularia
However, there appear to be only 4 apical scutellar bristles, this should be 8-10.
My gut feeling is that this is avicularia but some apical bristles are broken off.

In any case, alas, not rupes.

Whereas avicularia and fringillina have many hosts, rupes and biloba have only one.