Thread subject: :: Gall forming Adelgidae

Posted by libor on 03-08-2022 08:54

Dear colleagues, I believe that many od you has also another interest that Diptera. So, I trying my chance here. I wish to study the chapters concerning Adelgidae from the following monographs:
(1) Dauphin P & Aniotsbehere C, 1997. Les galles de France. 2/e. - Mémoires de la Société Linnéene de Bordeaux 2: 1-383.
(2) Redfern M & Shirley P, 2011. British plant galls. - Field Studies Council, occasional Publication 125: i-iv, 1-432.
(3) Roskam HC (ed), 2009. WM Docters van Leeuwen, Gallenboek: overzicht van door dieren en planten veroorzaakte Nederlandse gallen, ed. 4; pp 352. KNNV, Utrecht.
Can anybody help me?
Thanks to all potentional replies.

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