Thread subject: :: Black eggs on Pentatomidae

Posted by Liliane D on 02-08-2022 20:51

August 01, 2022 in the south of France.
I photographed this Heteroptera, Acrosternum millierei, with 6 black eggs on the wings. On the same day another heteroptera, Halyomorpha halys, also had one on the apex of the wings.
On there is an Acrosternum heegeri which has a dozen identical eggs in the same area of the wings. It was photographed in the south of France on 30 July 2016, so at the same time.
The length of these eggs is barely 0.3 mm
I don't know if they are Diptera eggs?
If they are Diptera eggs, do you have any information on these parasites of some Heteroptera species?

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