Thread subject: :: Chloropidae: Meromyza triangulina ? (female)

Posted by von Tschirnhaus on 19-08-2022 13:44

Chloropidae, Chloropinae: Meromyza triangulina Fedoseeva, 1960, female, one of the most abundant Meromyza spp. in Europe. A small species which mainly develops in Festuca grasses including F. rubra littoralis in the grazed salt marshes of the North Sea, intensely grazed by sheep and inundated by each higher tide. Typical is the row of black setae on the gena (jowl), the black distal half of the palpus and the three rows of dark spots on the abdomen. In light specimens the central stripe on the scutum (= mesonotum) is orange in its anterior half or it bears an orange spot. For a really trustable identification the male genitalia must be studied. Junior synonym: Meromyza cuneiforma PĂ©terfi, 1961. Optimal photographs!

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