Thread subject: :: Platypeza ?

Posted by evdb on 24-07-2022 08:45


Center of France (Loiret) in orchard on 31.10.2021.
Could it be Platypeza fasciata ♀ ?
Thanks for help.

Posted by evdb on 03-08-2022 11:38

Nobody ?

Posted by eklans on 03-08-2022 12:33

Hello Eugéne, I've come across this thread several times and now I'm quite sure it is P. fasciata indeed:
tergite 2-4 with black apical bands - broad in the middle
tergite 5 with a black triangle
(difficult to see if the dc are unisericate and if there are no short setae on the notopleural area, but it's possible).