Thread subject: :: Small insect (NL) -> Psocoptera (Possibly Valenzuela)

Posted by smol on 22-07-2022 12:36

Netherlands, today, forest area, on Frangula alnus

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Posted by guplox on 22-07-2022 13:32


Posted by John Carr on 22-07-2022 16:14

In North America we have some similar-looking Valenzuela.

Posted by weia on 22-07-2022 20:40

Valenzuela is a good candidate, but the animla is young and without wings, so diificult to say. See

Posted by smol on 24-07-2022 18:19

Thank you so much Guplox, John Carr and Weia. I had no name for this insect, but it is at least Psocoptera. It looks very familiar to the Valenzuela, and is a common-registered species in the Netherlands.