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Posted by von Tschirnhaus on 19-08-2022 13:56

Chloropidae, Oscinellinae: Dicraeus (Oedesiella) fennicus (Duda, 1933). The large epandrium with long distorted surstyli and tiny acute male cerci are as well typical as the very long wing vein R2+3. Larvae of all world Dicraeus Loew, 1873 spp. develop in young caryopses (grains) of grasses, most being monophagous in one Poaceae genus. This species is monophagous on Elytrigia species and ubiqistic together with its agricultural weed E. repens (= Agropyron repens), thus being a beneficial chloropid. Distribution in whole Europe and eastwards until east Siberia, Mongolia, and Korea, also occuring in Canada.

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