Thread subject: :: Eliozeta helluo?

Posted by Mizar on 08-07-2022 00:24

Crater of the Astroni - Napoli (Italy), May 22

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Posted by Mizar on 16-07-2022 00:40

Are there other similar species?

Posted by Zeegers on 16-07-2022 07:48

Not with elongated third antennal segment.


Posted by Mizar on 16-07-2022 13:12

So it's confirmed. Thanks Theo |t

Posted by sd on 02-11-2022 21:28

Hi Theo, shouldn't it be Eliozeta pellucens with the extended 3rd antennal segment?

Regards, Stephen

Posted by Zeegers on 03-11-2022 11:15

Yes, not sure what happened here, but it is clearly E. pellucens, as already omplied by my previous post..
Thanks for spotting this error


Posted by Mizar on 22-11-2022 18:01

Thanks to both of you for the correction